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Let us build your website to start your journey online, hassle free.

We make websites free of charge, helping you publish your static contents and design your site that is well-suited to your brand. We want to see you succeed on your first journey online by working with you on setting up your own website with the right configuration, using the best and free content management platform, which is WordPress.

What You Will Get for Free

You can get valuable web solutions from a lot of resources but you shouldn’t have to pay for it, and this is how it lead us to offer this solution to the public.

Web Design

We setup self-hosted WordPress CMS to build your site with the right configuration and use the best design for you.


We optimize your site for an SEO friendly configuration and setup a caching WordPress plugin to make sure that your is site fast.


We will work with you through out your startup journey and you will get access to our community for consultation & support.

Two (2) Steps Application Process

There are 2 steps application process for us to get started. You have to follow this process successfully to achieve and get access to our free service.

Step 1: Get a Web and Domain Hosting

To make your site available up and running online, you will need web services such as web and domain hosting. Just think about it as your website’s file storage on the internet.

To get started quickly, head on and signup for a web and domain hosting to our selected web host partners and use suggested discount codes available to get up to (60% OFF) your purchase.

If you’re just starting out, we suggest that you choose the Web Hosting: Baby Plan (Unlimited Type) by Hostgator because we personally think it is best recommended for beginner bloggers with high hopes for expanding further and obviously, wherever you search for, it’s the most valued and lowest cost for all the premium web hosting available on the internet.

Please only use the links from our website and the discount codes if applicable.

Without an additional cost to you, we may get a few bucks as commission from our web host partners with puchases you make through any link provided by us on this blog that is required to get your site up running online. So basically, in order to qualify for our free service, we require our clients to signup from any of our said partners for the required web services which you will have to pay for anyways, and that is fairly why we are able to support offering Free valuable services available to everyone like this.

Furthermore, if you use links not available here, we cannot honor making website free service the certain user.

Okay, I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but let’s say you want to work with others rather than us…

Yes, you may still probably get huge significant discounts to other countless marketers out there but the entire service of making website might possibly cost you which you will never have to pay for with us by the way.

Another thing…

We preferred to work along with our chosen web host partners because we believe they offer one of the best solutions in the industry considering based on our personal experience working with WordPress to building Websites, especially when using it managing a blog.

So to cut it off short, it’s probably a Win-Win situation.

Official Web Host Partners

As mentioned earlier, this is our best recommended web host service provider for beginner bloggers or website operators. 

The company has over 8 million domains already hosted and counting, and aside from it’s obvious popularity, it offers low cost of an awesome value for a premium unlimited and unmetered web hosting available entirely online.

To learn more, visit their website at

NameHero is anothing web host service provider that you would really want to consider if you are a business IT company owner because they offer not just hosting but a (cloud based) web hosting and we greatly recommend the reseller packages they do offer for a great business deal, whether you’re just starting out, and even if you’re a non-tech guru or already a tech company (with reputable brand or not yet) – they got you all covered. 

Few of the reasons we like about NameHero is not only that they have terrific support for their customers and even non-customers, but the thing about their huge (company based) tutorial contents available for everyone from their blog and YouTube Channel.

In the web hosting industry nowadays, they claim not to be the low cost hosting provider on the entire web but probably worth the investment for because of it’s lightning speed and terrific (guaranteed) support

To learn more about NameHero Hosting Provider, as well as to their business related offers, visit their website at

Oh, this is huge. 

Based upon series of research and reviews done by our team, we find Kinsta as web host provider specifically for (high performing hosting solution for WordPress) which personally recommemnded by Google Cloud.

Kinsta ensures site owners that their site loads faster because they are exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform and utilizes Google Cloud’s premium tier global network.

When you signup for a web hosting at Kinsta, you’ll get Free CDN which is rarely offered by other hosting providers, along with a free Letsencrypt SSL Certificate (which enables your “https” secured icon “green padlock” on your browser URL whenever your site loads), plus staging environments included on their plans, and automatic daily backups with more awesome features to dig up to.

To learn more about Kinsta, visit their website at

(TMT Telecom 2017 “Best Premium Hosting” award)

(Recurring 20% OFF Discount Code on all Plans: KINDTECHGROUP)

iFastNet is a winner of TMT Telecom 2017 “Best Premium Hosting” award which is one of the largest web organizations on the web with Super Fast SDD powered servers.

The company has been around decades which reflects how they do business perfectly and provide support effectively to their users 24/7 via Ticket Support System which response rate within one (1) – three (3) minutes maximum length time period.

iFastNet offer tons of great valuable features when it comes to web hosting services. Apart from being cost-effective web hosting provider, they also offer pretty much high quality with super fast servers with SDD drives free on all their hosting plans starts at 3.99 per month (with free domain).

To learn more about iFastNet and how you can grow your website with their powerful web host features, check out their official site at

If you’re in a tight budget and woud like to test out first if you’re up into blogging or online business, you may find our free hosting service a great deal for your consideration.

We are working on a service as web branding organization to expand as a hosting provider, offering free and unlimited hosting service specialized in WordPress based sites which is powered through the fastest servers brought by one of the largest organization on the web.

We highly recommend that you try out our new (beta released) hosting service which is completely free of charge such as free unlimited hosting and subdomain for startup websites.

If you’re thinking about getting a personal type of domain name such as (e.i. .com, .net, .org or etc.) then you can signup here for a cheap domain at our generous Domain Host Partner, NameSiloCheck out our guide to get discounted perks.

You can directly signup for the free hosting here and add your purchased domain further from NameSilo or either from of our web host partners further after signing up, or if you want us to setup your WordPress website (free of charge), you are welcome to submit the details of your domain purchased from NameSilo, our domain domain host partner.

Please use our affiliate link for NameSilo for your personal domain or any of our hosting plans, as well as to our web host partners to be entitled of our Free WordPress Web Design serviceUsing the links from this website are completely safe and cost nothing to you or our users which in fact gives a lower discounts of your purchase instead. This is how we could get revenue to support our free services offered to everyone, and we would really appreciate it if you could support us to serve all of you at our best.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already, we welcome you to check out our Knowledge Base for  free support on all Kind TechGroup services or you may join our community forum to get some consultation from real people for all of our free services (free of charge) along with other users and support team who are most welcoming and willing help.

Our free hosting service is a great way to start your site up and running online but upon expansion, we recommend our users to upgrade for our premium service that will be catered by different powerful servers used at our free service.

Please do not set high expectations for this free service. With our Free Hosting service, you’ll get amazing perks completely for free! We offer free unlimited hosting and disk space under the compliance by our terms or conditions. We highly recommend that you read it in full prior getting started.

To learn more about this service, navigate to

Step 2: Submit Your Account Details

After your purchase, your chosen Web Host Provider (using available choices above) will email the Account or User Details with the Receipt of your Web and Domain Hosting purchased. Please submit the details to the form below so we can start verifying the details and start the project immediately.

For more interesting offers, check out our official shop.

Kind regards,

P.S. For further questions, kindly submit a ticket in our support center or else, join our community forums.

Account Details Submission Form

Once you’re done purchasing or signing up for web and domain hosting based on the details available above, you can consider this a done deal. Please submit the details below for us to start working on your website.

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