Do you support SSH access?

Unfortunately, this service is only available on premium hosting plans and not covered by our free hosting service. If you want to check out more supported services on premium hosting, you can check it here. To learn more, Ask the Community >>

Do you offer SFTP on free hosting?

Unfortunately, we do not offer SFTP on our free hosting service. Alternatively, you are welcome to upgrade to our Premium Hosting partnered service which is offered in completely different servers from our free hosting servers with much higher service solutions in comparison. To learn more, Ask the Community >>

FTP client we recommend

We prefer and endorse the use of Filezilla as it is a free and open source that runs on multiple platforms. However, you are free to choose any client you prefer. Please see Free FTP Software on your vPanel hosting account. To learn more, Ask the Community >>

Setup FTP Connection using FileZilla

Please do the following instructions below: Open FileZilla Open File > Site Manager Click New Site In Host, type the name of our FTP server such as In Port, type number 21 From the Encryption dropdown list, select Only use plain FTP (insecure) From the Logon Type dropdown list, select Normal In User, type your username (eg. ktg_123456) In Password, type your password Click OK …

How to Manage files via FTP

To use FTP to manage files on your hosting account, you will need the following information: Your Username (e.g. ktg_123456) Your Password Your FTP Host/Server name (e.g. and an FTP program (also found on your vPanel) (c) To learn more, Ask the Community >>