Here are the following tab functions on phpMyAdmin:

The tabs at the top allow you to do many functions and operations on your database…

  • Structure displays all of the current tables in an overview
  • SQL allows you to run SQL queries and statements directly
  • Search allows you to build and perform searches within your database tables
  • Query allows you to build complex queries to run on your database
  • Export allows you to create backups of your database
  • Import allows you to import backups or other SQL files
  • Operations allows you to easily create new tables and more

If you were to check a table and select the drop-down menu at the bottom of the list you can perform a number of tasks…

  • Empty allows you to remove ALL records within the selected table(s)
  • Drop allows you to completely remove the selected table(s)
  • Print View generates a reference guide
  • Check performs error checking on your tables
  • Optimize performs a performance check and ensures data and structure are in optimum configuration
  • Repair checks for errors and repairs them if found
  • Analyze collects information about the table, validates its structure and identifies issues

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