On our Free Hosting service, unfortunately, there is a limit of file size per upload up to 10 MB to avoid abuse and maintain fair usage on all servers. So you cannot upload files larger than 10 MB.

The limit is based on the idea of having to host only files that are used for website operation purposes and not for offering downloadable items on your site.

We offer a free hosting service for web branding solutions and not otherwise. But we all know that some scripts, website files such as add-on plugins on WordPress or Themes can be more than the file size limit which has been set as fixed.

So in this quick guide, you will learn how to upload this kind of files without the restriction of the fixed limit on your free hosting account.

To simplify it, the idea is to not upload file size larger than 10 MB on Online File Manager, as well using your FTP Client. So we will upload not as a whole archive or one folder but all the files in it instead.

To do so, you will need to extract the large file (e.g. archive.zip) to your computer (e.g. “MyArchive.zip” extracted “MyArchive” as Folder).

After that, setup a connection with your FTP Client using your desired FTP credentials on your free hosting account.

Once connected, upload all the contents from the extracted folder using your FTP Client with all the necessary files in it.

It will usually take a few minutes or probably an hour or so depending on your internet connection.

To offer downloadable files larger than 10 MB on your website, please use external mediums such as Google Drive, Mega.nz or Dropbox. For media files, use YouTube for videos or Soundcloud for music files.

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